Join us at 2016 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo

By:  Berker Bilgin, 2016 General Chair

Every year in June, ITEC brings academia, industry, government agencies, and the general public together to discuss the advancements, opportunities, and challenges in transportation electrification – one of the most important technological, social, and economical transformative shifts of the next century. ITEC aims at helping the industry transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles including heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, airplanes and ships.


The 2016 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC’16) will be held on June 27-29 in Dearborn, Michigan. Similar to previous years, we have an excellent conference planned for you with a comprehensive program. ITEC’16 includes professional training courses offered by internationally renowned experts from industry and academia. The program will also include state-of-the-art tutorials and numerous panel discussions, as well as over 100 high-quality technical paper presentations.

iTEC 2016

iTECH 2016 June 27-29, 2016

In ITEC’16, we have an all-star group of keynote presenters covering the current status and future trends in transportation electrification. With his presentation on Power of Choice for CO2 Reduction, Kevin Layden, Director of Electrified Powertrain Engineering at Ford Motor Company, and with his presentation on GM’s Vision for Electrified Vehicles, Tim Grewe, General Director of Global Electrification at General Motors, will present the future trends in the automotive industry from the perspective of OEMs. Dr. Voiko Loukanov, Founder and CEO of D&V Electronics, will present the Trends in Vehicle Electrification from the perspective of a supplier.

Aerospace and marine industries facilitate many opportunities in electrification, but they might be facing different challenges as compared to automotive industry. In ITEC’16, we also have keynote speakers covering the status and trends in these industries. Dr. Waleed Said, Founder and President of Efficient Power Tech Solutions, LLC will present Materials, Components and Technologies for the Next Generation of Airplanes. Dr. Jason Wells, Vice President at PC Krause and Associates will present Effective Use of Modeling and Simulation in More Electric Vehicle Design and Integration and from the marine industry, Jack Chapman, Staff Engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat will present Current Trends for Electric Marine Propulsion Systems.

Keynote presentationsElectrified vehicles include energy storage devices, electric machines, power electronics, and embedded software and controllers in an integrated electromechanical powertrain. The developments and innovation in these areas hold the key to the transformational shifts in transportation electrification. Our keynote speakers will also address the status and trends on components and systems. On power electronics, Dr. Peter Friedrichs, Senior Director, SiC at Infineon will present Wide Band Gap Power Semiconductors for Automotive Applications and on electric motors, Dr. Konstantinos Laskaris, Traction Motor System Architect at Tesla Motors Inc. will present High Frequency Magnetic Field Variation Effects on EV Traction Motors. In terms of controls, Dr. Silva Hiti, Senior Director, Powertrain Engineering at Faraday & Future will present Powertrain Controls in Modern EVs.

With higher market penetration of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, the innovative solutions in wireless charging and plug-in charging, and associated power converter and control technologies define many of the capabilities with future electric drives. Dr. John Miller, Senior Scientist and Technical Advisor to Momentum Dynamics, Inc. will talk about the wireless charging technologies in his presentation titled “Can Wireless Power Charging Reach Supercharger Levels?” On plug-in charging, Prof. Alireza Khaligh, Director of Maryland Power Electronics Laboratory at University of Maryland at College Park will present Plug-in Charging Challenges, Opportunities, and Directions.

The paradigm shift from conventional vehicles to electrified vehicles is generating opportunities and challenges on the grid-side. Plug-in and all-electric vehicles connected to the grid have an impact on the grid both as energy sources and electric loads. On this topic, Dr. Joachim Kupe will present Synergy between Vehicle Electrification and Power Generation. Dr. Kupe was previously the Director of Advanced Systems Engineering at Cummins Inc.

professional training courses and tutorialsThe paradigm shift towards more electrified vehicles raises new challenges for the development of superior electric motors, power electronic converters, controllers, energy storage devices, and charging systems. Both in the industry and academia, we need to improve our knowledge and expertise to design higher performance, reliable, scalable, and low-cost components and systems. To help with this, ITEC’16 hosts five professional training courses and three tutorials offered by internationally renowned experts from industry and academia. The courses and tutorials in ITEC’16 are organized based on the current and future trends in transportation electrification technology. We specifically targeted to respond to the needs of the industry. It is our best interest to support practicing engineers and researchers to improve their technical knowledge and expertise.

I would like to invite you to join us at ITEC’16 on June 27-29 in Dearborn, Michigan to discuss and learn about the current status, new technologies, and future trends in transportation electrification, and to collaborate with the others who are working on this technological, social, and economical transformative shift of the next century. We are enthusiastically looking forward to meeting you at ITEC.





Berker Bilgin is the Research Program Manager in Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Program in McMaster Institute for Automotive Research and Technology (MacAUTO) at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is managing many multidisciplinary projects on the design of electric machines, power electronics, electric motor drives, and electrified powertrains. Dr. Bilgin is the General Chair of 2016 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC’16). He is currently pursuing his MBA degree at McMaster University DeGroote School of Business.

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