TEC Vision

Our Vision

The IEEE Transportation Electrification Council coordinates broad and deep activities throughout the IEEE in the growing electrification revolution across transportation domains, including advances in electric and hybrid cars, more-electric ships and aircraft, rail systems, personal transport, and the motive, storage, power grid, electronic intelligence, and control technologies that make them possible. Creates leadership, professional development, standards development, and other opportunities for practitioners, researchers, students, and all IEEE members interested in electric transportation.


IEEE Societies and Technical Councils

IEEE is a major contributor to this effort through the participation of several focused  Societies and Councils. An IEEE Technical Society is a group of IEEE members who work in the Society‚Äôs technical fields of interest (FOI). Societies have individual members who voluntarily pay to belong to that Society.  An IEEE Technical Council is a group of Societies that all have work in a conjoined technical field. Councils do not have individual members. (Societies and Technical Councils listing)