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Published by IEEE Spectrum

Convincing Consumers To Buy EVs> How range, affordability, reliability, and behavioral changes figure into purchase decisions

By Robert N. CharetteRobert 

With the combination of requiring all new light-duty vehicles sold in New York State be zero-emission by 2035, investments in electric vehicles charging stations, and state and federal EV rebates, “you’re going to see that you have no more excuses” for not buying an EV, according to New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

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Published by Renewable Energy World

Strategies for reducing the fossil-fuel impact of electric vehicles

Contributed by Philip T. Krein, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Zhejiang University, China

The impact of electric transportation on pollution and reduced carbon emissions and fossil-fuel consumption is complicated. On the one hand, well-designed electric vehicles (EVs) use much less energy per mile than conventionally-fueled vehicles. For passenger cars, good all-electric designs use roughly a quarter of the energy per mile of gasoline cars, tracing back to the source. On the other hand, the emissions impact tends to be much more local, and depends on how electricity is generated in a region.

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Published by EE Online

Green Ovations | Flying Cars and e-VTOL Vehicles
The Future of Transportation for Reducing Emissions

by Kaushik Rajashekara, IEEE

The advancement of flying cars and eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicles is reshaping the future of transportation. In addition to helping us reach our destinations more quickly and cut road traffic congestion, flying cars and eVTOL vehicles could help dramatically reduce the overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation globally.

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New Webinar!  


Development of a Predictive Model for Electric Car Availability at Charging Stations

Presenter:   Muhammad Asif Hasan, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesro, India


Date: Tuesday, June 4,  2024, 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time US


Power Quality Improvement Using Intelligent Control for Solar Powered Charging Station

For complete information visit:  https://tec.ieee.org/education/webinars

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Past Webinar - view on the Resource Center


Am I Qualified to be considered for an IEEE Fellow? A Special Seminar on the Fellows Process

Presenter:   Dr. Don Tan, IEEE Fellows Immediate past Chair and TEC Steering Chair

Don Tan 2024

Date: Tuesday, 16th January, 2024, 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time US


Power Quality Improvement Using Intelligent Control for Solar Powered Charging Station

 Shailendra Kumar

Presenter:   Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhilai, India

Date: Tuesday, 20th February, 2024, 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time US

For complete information visit:  https://tec.ieee.org/education/webinars

Design of Output EMI Filter to Mitigate the EMI Issues in a SiC inverter Fed AC Motor Drive 

 TEC image

Presenter:  Manish Kumar, Cardiff University and Toshiba Europe Ltd., United Kingdom

Presenter:  Manish Kumar, Cardiff University and Toshiba Europe Ltd., United Kingdom
Date:  Tuesday, 14th November 3:00 UK (10:00 am Eastern Time US)

For complete information visit:  https://tec.ieee.org/education/webinars

Electric Vehicle Charging Based on Solid-State Circuit Breaker Technology

Presenter:  Dr. Binesh Kumar, Atom Power Inc., Charlotte, NC, USA
Date:  Thursday, March 2, 2023, 12:00 PM EST



Check out the latest podcast from TEC

Smart Electrification is Revolutionizing Farming Today

Our guest was none other than “e-farming” Guru, Dr. Brij Singh, Technical Fellow and Region 4 Manager of External Relationship, Deere and Company. In this podcast, Dr. Singh highlights several burning issues related to smart e-farming and explains how modern electrical machinery will make the lives of farmers easier. He also clarifies how e-farming will influence the farms of the future and change the way crops are produced. He particularly places importance on the role of power electronics and AI/IoT within the e-agricultural sector. He also talks about the role electrified drones will have moving forward. Finally, he talks about developing nations in continents such as Africa and Asia and how farmers there are adapting to agricultural tech advancements, especially from a social perspective. He also exclusively mentions how he and his family have been involved with agriculture and farming in India since the early 1400s. We were indeed honored to host Dr. Brij Singh as our guest for this timely episode on smart electrified farming.

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