Message from the Chair - March 2021

Welcome to the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community! 

 Our mission is to coordinate all things transportation within IEEE.  Honestly, our task gets bigger every day with applications that would have been thought of as “futuristic” if not downright crazy just a few year ago, from autonomous cars to fully electric airplanes and super high-speed trains.  

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Feature Article

Published by IEEE Spectrum

GM Opens Up a New Front in Its Battle With Tesla: Batteries

A new $2.3 billion plant cranks out Ultium cells to power GM’s upcoming line of electric vehicles

By Lawrence Ulrich

In April of 1966, a shiny white Chevrolet Impala became the first car off the assembly line of a new General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. It was the glorious start of what became a checkered history for the area. This blue-collar town survived an infamous labor strike in 1972, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of GM in 2009, and a string of unmemorable small cars—including the Chevy Vega and Cavalier—before emerging as a symbol of industrial rebirth with the production of the Chevy Cruze in 2010.

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Published by IEEE Spectrum

 With Ultralight Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Electric Airplanes Could Finally Take Off

Spectrum 8 19 20 air photoOxis Energy’s design promises outstanding energy density, manufacturability, and safety

By Mark Crittenden

Electric aircraft are all the rage, with prototypes in development in every size from delivery drones to passenger aircraft. But the technology has yet to take off, and for one reason: lack of a suitable battery.

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Published by IEEE Spectrum

Lucid Air EV Crushes 500 Miles-On-a-Single-Charge Barrier

Lucid Air has achieved a Holy Grail of EV technology—an electric car that sneers at "range anxiety"

By John Voelcker

If you’re an electric-car startup, you need an angle to make the world pay attention—especially if the media has portrayed you as a Tesla copycat for years. For Lucid Motors, that angle is simple: 500 miles of range—800 kilometers—on a single battery charge.

To read the complete article, click here.Published by IEEE Spectrum

Technology Spotlight

New Webinar! 

Modeling Power Electronics for Electric Powertrain Applications

Presenter: Sabin Carpiuc, MathWorks, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Date:  Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 10:00 am New York Time

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