The IEEE Transportation Electrification Community Podcast is a series of interviews with the people behind the magic of the development and innovation of the transportation electrification industry including automotive, aerospace, rail, marine, etc. This interview-style podcast series talks to the leaders, researchers, and practitioners.


TEC PodcastSquare 1400It's Not Enough to be TEC Savvy - In this episode, we spoke with Bruno Lequesne, Yaobin Chen, and Philip Krien about the importance and specific mandates of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community.  The Community covers all areas related to transportation electrification including vehicles, rail, aerospace, and marine applications.

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TECPodcast2 SquareCUTRIC, The Canadian Dream - In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Josipa Petrunic from Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) who digs deep to answer burning questions related to urban mass transit electrification and the road ahead.

Do you struggle to understand the intricacies of urban mass transit electrification? If you need help understanding the story and want a little more electrification in your diet, come along for the ride! Join Prof. Eric Cheng and Prof. Sheldon Williamson in this episode, as they chat with Dr. Josipa Petrunic, the Executive Director & CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC). 

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Eric Cheng
Education Committee Chair


TEC is currently looking for webinar presenters for 2021.  A webinar is typically 45 minutes long with approximately 15 additional minutes for Q&A.  

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