The IEEE Transportation Electrification Community Podcast is a series of interviews with the people behind the magic of the development and innovation of the transportation electrification industry including automotive, aerospace, rail, marine, etc. This interview-style podcast series talks to leaders, researchers, and practitioners.

Now Available! The Road Ahead for E-mobility Startups - Our guest for this episode is Ravikiran Annaswamy, CEO and Co-Founder at Numocity Technologies as well as the President of IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (TEMS). In this podcast, Ravi highlights several burning issues related to e-mobility 2.0 and the opportunity it presents as a mecca for new startups in this domain. Ravi talks to our host, Dr. Sheldon Williamson about how his own startup, Numocity, is working with various OEMs and raising funds to solve burning issues related to transportation electrification. The podcast covers several milestones achieved by Numocity as well as some of the surprises that came up during this journey. Sheldon and Ravi also discussed how the penetration of EVs will impact the grid and what mitigatory solutions exist or are being looked at. Finally, Ravi emphasizes how his role and continued involvement with the IEEE has benefitted his professional career and encourages young entrepreneurs to follow the same path

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Now Available!  What the future holds for electrified transport and smart e-mobility - Ivano Labricciosa speaks with Sheldon Williamson in this thrilling new episode, which explores and discusses the most burning challenges and innovations across the e-mobility industry. The discussion takes an interesting turn when Ivano talks about working to meet rapidly increasing demands across the market, from micro-mobility (such as e-bikes), to buses, to trucks, apart from just focusing on cars. The episode also discusses issues related to charging infrastructure and some of the commercialization issues around both plugged and wireless charging. Finally, Ivano and Sheldon also talk about outreach activities, where they discuss the role of universities, colleges, and schools in training the future generation in all-important STEM-related topics, more specific to the future of e-mobility and electrified transportation.

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Smart Electrification is Revolutionizing Farming Today - Our guest was none other than “e-farming” Guru, Dr. Brij Singh, Technical Fellow and Region 4 Manager of External Relationship, Deere and Company. In this podcast, Dr. Singh highlights several burning issues related to smart e-farming and explains how modern electrical machinery will make the lives of farmers easier. He also clarifies how e-farming will influence the farms of the future and change the way crops are produced. He particularly places importance on the role of power electronics and AI/IoT within the e-agricultural sector. He also talks about the role electrified drones will have moving forward. Finally, he talks about developing nations in continents such as Africa and Asia and how farmers there are adapting to agricultural tech advancements, especially from a social perspective. He also exclusively mentions how he and his family have been involved with agriculture and farming in India since the early 1400s. We were indeed honored to host Dr. Brij Singh as our guest for this timely episode on smart electrified farming.

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Women in Power and Energy – The Story of the Superwoman - This podcast is all about extraordinary stories of real women pursuing an academic career or currently working in electrical engineering stream, more specifically the power and energy industry. Listen to know more about the amazing work women across the globe have been doing in the different fields of power and energy, such as renewable energy systems, electric energy storage, and transportation electrification. Through the lens of Dr. Simay Akar, our guest for this podcast, learn about what motivates these determined women, what struggles they overcame, and how the gender gap in male-dominated fields, such as electrical engineering, can be closed.

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TEC PodcastSquare 1400It's Not Enough to be TEC Savvy - In this episode, we spoke with Bruno Lequesne, Yaobin Chen, and Philip Krien about the importance and specific mandates of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community.  The Community covers all areas related to transportation electrification including vehicles, rail, aerospace, and marine applications.

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TECPodcast2 SquareCUTRIC, The Canadian Dream - In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Josipa Petrunic from Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) who digs deep to answer burning questions related to urban mass transit electrification and the road ahead.

Do you struggle to understand the intricacies of urban mass transit electrification? If you need help understanding the story and want a little more electrification in your diet, come along for the ride! Join Prof. Eric Cheng and Prof. Sheldon Williamson in this episode, as they chat with Dr. Josipa Petrunic, the Executive Director & CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC). 

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On the Fast Track - Formula Hybrid Gaining Traction- In this episode, we spoke with Michael Chapman and Jessica Kinzie from Formula Hybrid - founded and run by the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth.

Get the inside track on all things Formula Hybrid with hosts Mahesh Krishnamurthy and Sheldon Williamson. Mahesh and Sheldon discussed all the action on and off-track from the Formula SAE Hybrid Competition, with special guests, Michael Chapman, Director of Formula SAE Hybrid, and Jessica Kinzie, Coordinating Manager at Formula Hybrid. Mike and Jess helped lift the lid on the series that is bursting with top talent in the form of national and international university students. The episode provides insight into the history of Formula Hybrid and dives into some cool technical content as well. Finally, Mike and Jess also threw some light on current challenges and future opportunities for Formula Hybrid. 

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Shifting Gears from the Lab to the Market - In this episode, we spoke with Marc Perron who is a Deep Tech Commercialization Expert and Senior IEEE Member.

In this episode on Technology Transfer and Commercialization, Sheldon had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Marc Perron, who happens to be a Senior Member of the IEEE. Marc speaks about how he ended up in the business of commercializing technologies and explains to us how it all works. He cites examples of his own success stories with coaching young companies from scratch. He explains the step-by-step procedures of how to market an idea from incubation and introduces some of the main hurdles that need to be overcome to be successful. Finally, Marc also discusses his vision for the future in the field of tech transfer, commercialization, and IP, and provides some valuable tips for our listeners.

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Eric Cheng
Education Committee Chair


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