About the Newsletter

The IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC) eNewsletter is a quarterly electronic publication targeted at IEEE TEC members interested in various topics that are related to transportation electrification. Each quarter, the TEC newsletter will focus on a theme, and articles will address state-of-the-art as related to that theme.  Land, marine, and aerospace transportation applications are all of interest.

The goal of the TEC eNewsletter is to bring global experts from industry, academia, and government, to share early thoughts, findings, and concerns that can trigger further discussions through the newsletter itself, in addition to TEC-affiliated workshops, conferences, and publications.  News regarding major breakthroughs that can transform transportation electrification, new transforming products, as well as transportation-electrification-related activities are also of interest. 

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Areas of Interest:

The Transportation Electrification eNewsletter studies topics that span across four main domains: Terrestrial (land-based), Nautical (Ocean, lakes, and bodies of water), Aeronautical (Air and Space), and Commercial-Manufacturing.

Our topics include the following:

  • E-Bus/E-Truck (Heavy Duty Mass Transit)
  • E-Utility Vehicles (Golf Carts/Garbage Trucks/Forklifts/Agriculture, etc.)
  • Railway/Streetcars/Hyperloop
  • Aircraft/Aerospace/UAVs or Drones
  • Marine/Shipboard
  • Seaport and logistics
  • Micro (personal) E-mobility (eBikes/scooters/tuktuk)
  • Autonomous E-mobility
  • Charging/Plugged/Wireless (including power utility & electronics)
  • Policies, Standards, Regulations & others

Call for Articles
TEC Call for Articles 2023 - Advances in Charging Systems

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The TEC eNewsletter is now being indexed by Google Scholar.


About the Newsletter


Jin-Woo Ahn


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TEC Call for Articles 2023 - Advances in Charging Systems

The TEC eNewsletter is now being indexed by Google Scholar and peer-reviewed articles are being submitted to IEEE Xplore.

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