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The area called Baja California, Mexico, adjacent to California, USA, where deserts and obstructions are everywhere, is very popular to riders of bikes or four-wheel drive cars who gather around this area and enjoy the off-road racing.  Then, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) began to host a championship named Baja as one of the activities for the education of student members, and this is the origin of the Self-made Automotive Championships for university and college students. At the same time, the On-Road championships such as FSAE (USA) and Formula Student (UK) are also held actively around the world. Recently, the championships branched into various areas such as the electric vehicle championship and hybrid vehicle championship. The Society of Automotive Engineers of each country holds the university and college students' self-made automotive championships to get the students to acquire automotive technology and cultivate future human resources for the automotive industry. 

Team History

Ontario Tech Racing is a Formula SAE Electric team out of Ontario Tech University.  They are driven to push experiential learning by challenging students to design, manufacture and race an electric FSAE vehicle. The student-led team was founded by a few ambitious individuals with a huge passion for automotive technology back in 2016. This team has since grown to house over forty members and has developed into an organization with levels of management. Utilizing many operational management techniques to push deliverables forward. Ontario Tech Racing consists of multiple departments which focus on designing and producing the ideal electric powertrain, vehicle dynamics, and telemetry systems.  These are important in ensuring the vehicle and driver are tuned together. The team works hard throughout the year to ultimately achieve a well-designed, high-performance electric FSAE vehicle which will be raced in competition through numerous events and is evaluated against all other electric FSAE teams across North America.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team (SEVT) was founded in 1985 by James Worden, who had fostered a passion and skill for building solar cars even before coming to MIT. Since then, our team has built and designed 15 single-occupant solar-powered cars from scratch. Unlike some other solar car teams, our team is entirely undergraduate students.

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