ITEC Asia-Pacific Gaining Momentum

By Yijiie Wang and Don Tan
The 2017 IEEE International Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia-Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific 2017) hosted by Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) was held in Harbin from the 7th to 10th of August. President of HIT Prof. Yu Zhou, was the General Chair for this conference, Vice President of HIT Prof. Dianguo Xu, IEEE Fellow Dr. Don Tan and Secretary-General of China Electrotechnical Society (CES) Mr. Xiangjing Pei addressed the conference attendees during the opening ceremony.
ITEC Asia-Pacific 2017 is part of the global series of the IEEE “ITEC” conferences, all dedicated to promote the development of electrical technologies for land, waterway, and air transportation. The conference is co-sponsored by IEEE IAS, IEEE PELS, IEEE PES, CES in China, and KIEE in Korea. More than 300 delegates from more than 10 countries, including the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Korea, Thailand and India participated in this conference. 


The conference held the main report, expert forum, group discussions, paper presentations and other academic exchange activities in the field of electric vehicles, high-speed rail, aviation, marine, urban rail transit, and other areas. The conference received 516 papers, 314 were finally accepted. Six best papers were selected by the conference. During the meeting, the exhibition of electrified transport and related systems, components and other representative industrial products was also organized.
The next ITEC Asia-Pacific will take place in Bangkok, Thailand in 2018, jointly with the 3rd iEVTech.


Fig.1 President of Harbin Institute of Technology, Prof. Yu Zhou presented the welcome speech during the opening ceremony.

Fig. 2 The main venue of ITEC Asia-Pacific 2017

Fig. 3 General Chair of ITEC Asia-Pacific 2017 Prof. Xu communicating with attendees

Fig. 4 IEEE Fellow Prof. Chris Mi showing his research 

Fig. 5 The Company is showing products in the exhibition area

Fig. 6 From left to right : General Chair of the conference IEEE Fellow Prof. Xu, General Co-Chair IEEE Fellow Prof. Chris Mi, and IEEE PELS Past President IEEE Fellow Dr. Don Tan are presenting the Best Paper Award

This article will also appear in the December 2017 issue of Electrification Magazine


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