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A Holistic Approach to Battery Modeling and State Estimation

Webinar - Online
Alicia Tomaszewski – tec@ieee.org
Bharat Balagopal & Mo-Yuen Chow (North Carolina State University, USA)

Abstract: Lithium Ion Batteries play an important role in many sectors, for example: an energy reservoir in a microgrid facility that has high penetration of renewable energy resources, a primary energy source in electric vehicles (EVs), etc. However, the rate of adoption of these batteries are a lot slower than expected because of the uncertainties introduced in term of the State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimation. This webinar will address the issues associated with current battery monitoring systems, their pros and cons, and provide insights into new technology that has been developed to not only model but also provide live status updates regarding the battery’s SOC, SOH, and RUL when the battery is in use. The speakers will also introduce a relatively new concept called the State of Function (SOF) of the battery and define the relationship between the SOC, SOH, RUL, and SOF of the battery. The webinar will cover two major tools, (1) the First Principle-Based Four-Dimensional Battery Degradation Model (4DM) and (2) SimBattery Pack that were developed to provide highly accurate and real-time SOC, SOH, RUL, and SOF of the battery packs in microgrids and EVs.

The webinar is sponsored by the IEEE IES Technical committees on Energy Storage (ES TC) and on Resilient and Security in Industrial Applications (ReSIA TC). The target audience includes graduate students, researchers, and professional engineers interested in gaining an in-depth knowledge of current and future trends in advanced modeling of lithium-ion batteries, which is mandatory for an effective use of these batteries.

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