Webinar Archive

2021-11-15 Breaking the Barrier for High-Speed in the Interior Permanent Magnet Machine Webinar - Online Rukmi Dutta
2021-10-27 Modeling Power Electronics for Electric Powertrain Applications Webinar - Online Sabin Carpiuc
2021-09-22 Wireless Power Transfer – The Invisible Truth Webinar - Online Sheldon Williamson, Grant Covic, Andy Daga, Mauricio Esguerra and Burak Ozpineci
2021-07-21 Adaptive EMC Design for Wide Bandgap Power Converters in Aviation Applications Webinar - Online Cong Li
2021-05-18 Power Electronics for Precision Farming with Sustainable and Cleaner Environments Webinar - Online Brij Singh
2021-04-13 High-Density Motor Drive Design for Electric Aircraft Propulsion: What We Might Know and What We Don't Webinar - Online Dr. Fang Luo
2021-04-01 Unlimited Range Electrified Drones for Emergency Medical Response Activities Webinar - Online Dr. Carolyn McGregor AM and Dr. Sheldon Williamson
2020-12-09 A Holistic Approach to Battery Modeling and State Estimation Webinar - Online Bharat Balagopal & Mo-Yuen Chow (North Carolina State University, USA)
2020-11-12 Is the Electrical Distribution Ready for a Revolution? Webinar - Online Pablo Arboleya
2020-10-28 Advanced Linear Induction Machines and Drive Systems for Transportation Webinar - Online Wei Xu
2020-09-15 Topologies, Modeling and Design of Megahertz Wireless Power Transfer Systems Webinar - Online Prof. Chengbin Ma
2020-08-19 All-Electric Propulsion for Heavy-Duty Urban Aerial Vehicles Webinar - Online Dr. Yue Cao
2020-08-04 Conductive Charging of Electrified Vehicles: Challenges and Opportunities Webinar - Online Dr. Haoyu Wang, Shanghai Tech University
2020-06-30 Wireless Charging for Autonomous Electrified Micro-mobility Devices: A Real-world Solution for Smart Cities to be Pandemic-ready Webinar - Online Dr. Sheldon Williamson
2020-06-09 Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle Technology Webinar - Online Ka Eric Cheng
2020-06-02 Smart Battery Energy Management and Health Conscious Fast Charging for Future Transport Webinar - Online Sheldon Williamson
2020-01-14 Real-Time Simulation Methods of Power Electronic Systems Webinar - Online Fei Gao
2020-01-09 Electric Vehicles: Can Legislation Keep up with Technology? Webinar - Online Russell Harrison
2019-10-10 Security and Privacy in V2G Network Webinar - Online Neetesh Saxena
2019-08-14 Power-Dense High-Efficiency Engine-Coolant-Capable 200 kW Silicon Carbide Inverter for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Webinar - Online Brij Singh
2019-07-08 The Technical Progress and Pilot Projects on Electric/Hybrid Powered Vessels Webinar - Online Yunxiang Wu
2019-04-22 Hybrid-Electric Air-Vehicle Propulsion: Challenges, Opportunities, and Impact Webinar - Online Phillip Ansell
2019-02-26 120 kW High-Power Wireless Charging System Development Webinar - Online Veda Galigekere, Omer Onar, Jason Pries and Gui-Jia Su
2018-10-22 Vehicle Cyber Security: Where the Rubber Meets the Code Webinar - Online Stacy Prowell
2018-07-24 The Most Significant Developments in the Railway Industry in Recent Years Webinar - Online KK Lee
2018-05-17 Automotive Vehicles and Data Analysis for Driver Safety and Security Services Webinar - Online Dhananjay Singh
2018-04-12 Enhancing Vehicle Dynamics and Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles with Multiple Motors Via Torque Vectoring Webinar - Online Basilio Lenzo
2018-03-15 Control Challenges in Automotive Electrical Traction Drives Webinar - Online Sabin-Constantin Carpiuc
2017-12-06 Perspective, Challenges, and Future of Automotive Cyber Security Enriched with Blockchain Technology Webinar - Online Madhusudan Singh
2017-11-08 Transformative Role of Photovoltaics in the Transportation Sector Webinar - Online Rajendra Singh
2017-10-17 Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) for Traction Applications Webinar - Online Luiz Henrique Barreto
2017-10-04 Technology Development from the More Electric Aircraft to All Electric Flight Webinar - Online Pat Wheeler
2017-05-30 On-Board Energy Storage and Another Technological Solutions for Catenary Free Light Trains and Trams Webinar - Online Pablo Arboleya
2017-02-22 Accurate range estimation for an electric vehicle including changing environmental conditions Webinar - Online Danny Sutanto
2016-11-21 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Webinar - Online Fei Gao
2016-09-14 Battery Balancing and Management System for Electric Vehicles Webinar - Online Eric Cheng
2016-08-10 The Enabling Technology for a New Wave of Electrification Webinar - Online Patrick Chi-kwong Luk