IEEE Standards Association Webinar

IEEE Standards Association Webinar: Human vs. "Digital Driver" - Compliance and Digital Homologation Challenges in the Automotive Industry, Friday 16 June 2023, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST.

About the Webinar:

The regulatory environment for the automotive industry has drastically evolved throughout the last decade. Connected and automated vehicles are subject to complex regulations (i.e. UNECE R155-157, EU level, national level), for which the primary objective is to promote safe mobility and public acceptance related to new software-defined systems. Many jurisdictions point to existing rules of the road as a description of good driving, which was initially designed for humans.


As we see an increase in the "digital driver" vs a human one, the automotive industry is challenged to navigate ambiguous and complex legal requirements in developing safe and compliant products. Furthermore, compliance must be demonstrated, validated, and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. In light of recent regulatory and market developments, this webinar will discuss state-of-the-art approaches to reducing compliance.

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