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Forget Autonomous Cars—Autonomous Ships Are Almost Herel 

It’s midnight on the North Atlantic, where a massive container ship receives the latest weather report. There’s a nasty storm brewing ahead. Quietly, the ship changes course and speed, to skirt the worst of it and ensure an on-time arrival at its destination. The ship’s owners and the harbormaster at its next port of call are advised of the revised route. And as it nears shore, the giant ship must correct course once again, this time to steer clear of a fishing vessel off its starboard bow.

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Why the More and All Electric Aircraft Needs Power Electronics
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - 10:00am ET - 11:00am ET 

Presenter:  Patrick Wheeler
University of Nottingham

Abstract:  There has recently been a major change in the design of aircraft. Electrical systems are being used in applications which have traditionally been powered by hydraulic or pneumatic sources. The Boeing 787 and the Airbus A380 both have significantly larger electrical systems than any previous aircraft.  

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