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IEEE Talks Transportation Electrification:  Grant Covic 

Read our first Q&A with Grant Covic, Senior Member of IEEE and IEEE TEC Distinguished Lecturer who heads inductive power research at the University of Auckland. He also co-leads the interoperability sub-team within the SAE J2954 wireless charging standard for electric vehicles (EVs). In 2010, he co-founded HaloIPT, a startup specializing in EV wireless charging technology and was joint head of research until the company’s acquisition in 2011. In this Q&A, Grant discusses why and how wireless charging will be common for EV owners, both consumers and fleets.

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Akira ChibaRecent Development of Switched Reluctance Motors for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 9:00am ET
Presenter: Akira Chiba
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Abstract:   In this webinar, general view of recent energy friendly vehicles are introduced. Then, principles of operations of hybrid electrical vehicles are reviewed. The rare-earth problem has lessened, however, the rare-earth material is still costly for mass production of more electrical vehicles. Characteristics of rare-earth permanent magnet electrical motors and generators of a leading hybrid vehicle are presented. There are a few criteria for switched reluctance motors to be competitive to rare-earth PM motors. Some possible breakthrough solutions are presented. In addition, a novel method to reduce vibration and acoustic noise is presented. The generator operation and its loss reduction by switched reluctance machines are presented.

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