IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrificiation Special Issue Call for Papers

Special Issue on Novel Hybrid and Electric Powertrain Architectures

Hybrid and all-electric vehicles have gained significant market share and are expected to see rapid development over

the next few years. Traction force in vehicles can be generated by powertrain units in different configurations. In spite

of recent advancements, these traction units have not yet reached technical maturity or cost parity with the ICE-based



From a vehicle point of view, it is always desired to achieve better fuel economy (in terms of higher km per liter or km

per kWh) with the best cost and volume optimization. A novel powertrain architecture is key to achieve this without

sacrifice for lifetime, functional safety, and meeting standards and regulations requirements. In addition, recyclability

aspects such as second life of the batteries or material recycling for the powertrain unit need careful consideration and

innovative solutions.

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