CFP: IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification

Special Issue on Advanced Energy Storage Technologies and Safety Management for EMobility (Deadline July 30, 2022)

In the face of green-house-gasses emission and resource scarcity, modern transportation is on the verge of a major paradigm shift, witnessed by the proactive penetration of electrified vehicles, vessels, and aircraft. Following this trend, the energy storage systems (ESSs) like batteries and fuel cells have been experiencing a booming advancement in last decade. Furthermore, gridtechnologies related to ESS, such as Fast Charging (FC), Extreme Fast Charging (XFC), Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and vehicleto-grid (V2G) systems, have also received significant interests. However, the pursuit of utmost user experience risks violating critical physical limits accompanied by unexpected side reactions within the ESS, resulting in efficiency reduction, quick degradation, and even catastrophic safety hazards in the most severe case. Particularly, onboard battery systems have been identified as one of the major contributors to recent-reported electric vehicle fire accidents. Moreover, risks can accumulate over the life cycle and eventually spread to the second-life use. 

Within this scope, innovations in battery/fuel cell/supercapacitor technology and their grid applications are critical from a material and physical point of view. High-fidelity modeling, new integration architectures, and fault-tolerant management of ESS are also vital for the future electrified transportation with upgraded safety. This vision can be facilitated by emerging technologies like new batteries (solid-state, lithium-titanate-oxide, lithium-air, sodium-based, etc.), fuel cells, advanced power electronics, intelligent management, environment-adaptive control, and second-life evaluation. This special issue seeks to highlight original research on these advancements with special applications in electric transportation.

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