Introduction to Special Two Part Series on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Xiaodong Shi (Lead Editor-WPT Series)

My name is Xiaodong Shi and I am the lead editor for IEEE’s Transportation Electrification Initiative eNewsletter Special edition on Wireless Power Transfer (WPT). It has been a pleasure to have brought you this important two-part series on an important emerging technology that could enable the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. In part one of the series (the July edition), we covered the basics concepts and recent developments in research and WPT education methods. In this, our concluding part of the series, (September edition) we will look at the commercialization of WPT, Roadway powered vehicles, WPT thermal modeling and WPT safety concerns.

Part One (July edition) contains four articles covering basics concepts and recent developments in research and WPT education methods:

• Basic principle and different approaches of wireless charging technology including: conventional stationary wireless charging, quasi-dynamic wireless charging and dynamic wireless charging (By Dr. Joachim G. Taiber from Clemson University International Center of Automotive Research, South Carolina, US).
• Study methods for wireless charging methods from the perspective of mathematical analysis and modeling (By Dr. Chris Mi from University of Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan, US).
• Wireless charging research activities and the practical implementation of WPT at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (By Dr. Omer C. Onar, etc. from ORNL, US).
• Practical challenges involved in the introduction of wireless charging technology into passenger vehicles (By Dr. John M. Miller from JNJ Miller plc, US).

Part Two (September 2014) contains four articles and will cover the aspects of product development, deployment and commercialization:

 Large-scale, Commercial Wireless Inductive Power Transfer (WIPT) for Fixed Route bus rapid transportation (By Matt Jurjevich, Columbia University and BYD).
 Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Roadway-powered Electric Vehicles (By Dr. Chun T. Rim, KAIST, South Korea).
• Coupled Electromagnetic – Thermal Simulation for High Power Wireless Power Transfer (By Dr. Xiao Hu principal engineer at ANSYS Inc.)
• The Unique Safety Concerns of Wireless Charging (By Joe Bablo, Ken Boyce, and Hai Jiang Underwriters Laboratories (UL) LLC.)

Thank you for your interest and please stand tuned for upcoming editions of the eNewsletter later this year.


Xiaodong Shi

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