Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

It is a pleasure to reinstate quarterly issues of the IEEE TEC eNewsletter, after a period during which an alternative publication method was being tried out. TEC leadership and publications officers have decided that we return to the successful TEC eNewsletter model, which ran for about more than four quarters until March 2018. 

We are thus looking forward to new ideas to share in our newsletter, and you will find attached to this issue a call for articles for the January 2020 issue. Some future issues will focus on specific topic areas, but the next issue, like this one, is broader in topics. We are interested in relatively short articles that introduce new concepts and news-worthy ideas to TEC eNewsletter readers. Remember that your articles will reach over 5,000 members, and will be reviewed by associate editors and technical reviewers. We are thus looking for volunteer authors, associate editors, and reviewers. 

In this issue, we present to you several refereed articles on electric vehicle charging infrastructure and management, noise issues with electric transportation systems, an interesting electric machine design, and several others. 

Ali M. Bazzi
IEEE TEC eNewsletter EIC 

About the Newsletter

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Sheldon Williamson

The Transportation Electrification eNewsletter studies topics that span across four main domains: Terrestrial (land based), Nautical (Ocean, lakes and bodies of water), Aeronautical (Air and Space) and Commercial-Manufacturing. Main topics include: Batteries including fuel cells, Advanced Charging, Telematics, Systems Architectures that include schemes for both external interface (electric utility) and vehicle internal layout, Drivetrains, and the Connected Vehicle.

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Coming Soon, the 2020 Call for Articles and Submission Guidelines.