Introduction to Special Edition on the application of wide bandgap devices

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IEEE’s Transportation Electrification eNewsletter decided to have a special edition on the application of wide bandgap devices in the transportation industry. Divya Kurthakoti and Pourya Shamsi were the lead editors for this special edition. It is our pleasure to bring you this important emerging technology that has the potential to revolutionize electric drives used in the transportation industry. In this series we have a mix of introductory articles and articles written by industry as well as academic experts that discuss the future potential of these devices in the transportation sector.

This series includes the following four articles;

1. Future Transportation Power Electronics: Wideband Gap Devices - By Divya Kurthakoti Chandrashekhara (Siemens Corporation)
2. Market analysis of wideband gap devices in car power electronics - By Chris Whaling (Synthesis Partners)
3. Challenges and Opportunities for GaN in Automotive - By Julian Styles (GaN Systems Inc)
4. GaN electronics for next generation cars - By Srabanti Chowdhury (Arizona State University)

Thank you for your continued support and interest and hope with these special editions we can expand the breadth of the Industry knowledge of the eNewsletter in future.

Divya Kurthakoti Chandrashekhara and Pourya Shamsi

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