Regional News - Oviedo – Principality of Asturias – Spain

The city of Oviedo has renewed its urban bus fleet this year 2022. The company ALSA and the City Hall have purchased 19 Mercedes Benz Citaro Hybrid, 1 eCitaro full electric, and 2 Sprinter City 75 vans with low emissions[1]–[3]. These buses accounted for 38% of the total fleet, which is now ECO or Zero Emissions (according to EURO VI regulations). On top of that, with this purchase, the urban bus fleet's average age is reduced to 4.3 years.

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric bus has an LMP battery (Lithium Metal Polymer) arranged in 7 modules, 63kWh each, which translates into 441kWh total capacity. This bus is equipped with two electric motors ZF AVE 130, able to provide a maximum power of 125kW and a maximum torque of 485Nm each [4].

The Citaro Hybrid model combines a diesel Mercedes-Benz OM 936 engine (220kW) with an electric motor of 14kW and 220Nm. In this case, a bank of supercapacitors is employed for storing the energy. This allows this model to reduce 8.5% CO2 emissions when compared to the traditional Citaro bus model [5].

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