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Various communication systems are available in modern vehicles, from automotive to aerospace applications, and most of these vehicles are becoming more connected. Whether it is Wi-Fi on a commercial airplane, Bluetooth in a car, or GPS and other connectivity and communication systems in marine and rail applications, chances are there are loopholes where cybersecurity threats can penetrate.  Last year, a researcher was able to hack an aircraft control system through the entertainment system1.  Car hacking has been reported 2, 3 but also criticized as difficult and almost impossible4.  

However, given that very secure servers and communication networks have repeatedly been cyberattacked, any connected vehicle is subject to cybersecurity threats5. Companies which focus on traditional computer security software, transportation, communication, and many others are becoming more involved with connected vehicles and paradigms that can secure vehicles from cyber threats  . Vehicular electrification, with microprocessors, advanced computerized systems, autonomous or assisted operation, and advanced multi-communication platforms, are of special interest in the vehicular cybersecurity discussion. 

Therefore, our community will continuously be involved in and leading cybersecurity discussions in vehicular and transportation applications. This special issue, with a slightly delayed release due to a new IEEE TEC website, brings articles in this area to our readers after a successful cybersecurity workshop that was held at Howard University in Washington D.C. on February 24 and 25, 2016, and which was entitled “Exploring Cybersecurity Challenges in Electrified Transportation: A Focused Workshop”. Further research, development, and workshops that combine our community to achieve secure communications, encryption, hardware security, and other related topics will continue to be of interest to the IEEE TEC. 

Ali Bazzi, Ph.D. 




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