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15th Edition of the IEEE Transportation Electrification Newsletter – to boldly go.

This issue of the TE newsletter marks a milestone – it is the 15th edition and completes over 2 years of publications. As I review the articles that have been published, I feel satisfied that we are achieving our goal; “to bridge the gap between layperson, technology practitioner, and R&D Scientist.” Surprisingly for some, this dialog has not solely focused on “sexy” consumer EV applications, but rather, we’ve had a balanced approach, addressing some of the most important areas for electrification: bus, truck, taxi, aircraft and marine.

Why do I say that these are the most important areas?

GM Chairman Bob Lutz once said, “We electrified the wrong end of the business (referring to the consumer Volt). Electrification makes the most sense with vehicles that normally use a lot of fuel.”

Transit buses, trucks, taxis and other commercial vehicles are the most important focus for electrification because a simple calculation shows that a focus on just a few vehicles types (only 10% of all vehicles produced) that operate a significant number of hours each day (>15-up-to-24 hours daily), can reduce and balance our oil dependence, reduce the exportation of money and critical local jobs and reduce more than 66% of vehicle pollution (see chart below).


Why electrify? The answer is pretty basic – a move to electrification breaks our shackles to fossil fuels and the limited few that control access, pricing and moves this “control” of our energy futures to multiple sources available under our own local control. The sun is no respecter of Nations – it shines freely on all; the wind blows upon every island and continent. No one can restrict you from generating local electricity from any number of renewable and sustainable sources – it is the free man’s power.

And as we all know, electrons are the most efficient carrier of energy. Period, bar none.

Further, there is the significant environmental impact of our decisions TODAY for transportation fuels. As one boldly titled article last month implied, “Our Transportation is Literally Killing Us – Can Battery Electric Vehicles be a Better Solution?”

Our newsletter has embarked with the purpose “to set world-changing technologies in motion and to ensure that Transportation Electrification moves forward”.  For these reasons, I am proud of the work we are doing and look forward to reading more of your enlightening submissions.

Micheal Austin

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