From the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs - JinWoo Ahn and Sheldon Williamson

Dear readers,

After four years as sole Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ali Bazzi retired from this prominent role with the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community (TEC) Newsletter in March 2020. This change in leadership marks the beginning of a new stage of development, as we seek to position the TEC Newsletter among the top publications in the area of e-mobility. Maintaining our broad scope, encompassing all areas of transportation electrification and autonomous e-mobility, we will continue to publish theoretical, quantitative, and empirical studies, including work on the borders of power electronics, motor drives, and electric energy storage systems for autonomous e-mobility and electrified transport.

The scope of the TEC Newsletter has recently been updated to reflect the latest and exciting developments in the e-mobility area, such as:

  • E-Bus/E-Truck (Heavy Duty Mass Transit)
  • E-Utility Vehicles (Golf Carts/Garbage Trucks/Forklifts/Agriculture, etc.)
  • Railway/Streetcars/Hyperloop
  • Aircraft/Aerospace/UAVs or Drones
  • Marine/Shipboard
  • Seaport and logistics
  • Micro (personal) E-mobility (eBikes/scooters/tuktuk)
  • Autonomous E-mobility
  • Charging/Plugged/Wireless (including power utility & electronics)
  • Policies, Standards, Regulations & Others

We hope you will continue to submit your quality papers to the TEC Newsletter and supplement our effort to keep it as one of the flagship publications in the field of transportation electrification.  The new phase of the TEC Newsletter is focusing on expanding and updating the editorial board to embrace a diverse group of top experts from across the world, covering a wide variety of topics from within the field of transportation electrification. You will find more details of the editorial board at:

We will extend additional invitations and hope to be able to welcome more new board members soon.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank current editorial board members for their ongoing commitment, to which the newsletter aspires. During the last three years, these board members have handled a large majority of submissions. As a result, we have significantly expanded our pool of excellent reviewers. It must be pointed out here that all papers now have at least two reviews and their quality has been steadily improving.

We would like to thank Dr. Ali Bazzi and all previous editors for making the IEEE TEC Newsletter the promising publication it is today. Dr. Bazzi and his team should be proud of everything that the newsletter has achieved. Under his editorship, the TEC Newsletter underwent many substantial changes, becoming more rigorous in the quality of its publication and the selection process. With such a broad support base, we are now in an excellent position to further improve the quality of the newsletter’s output. 

With IEEE’s continued support in improving its editorial platforms, we aim for even higher standards in all aspects of the newsletter’s management and operations.

We look forward to working with all of you as we continue to make the IEEE TEC Newsletter a success and we welcome your submissions. We also welcome your valuable feedback as authors, readers, and reviewers of the journal.

Best wishes and thank you in advance for your contribution to the IEEE TEC Newsletter!


Jin-Woo Ahn and Sheldon S. Williamson
Co-EICs, IEEE TEC Newsletter


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