From the Co-Editor-in-Chiefs - JinWoo Ahn and Sheldon Williamson

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As the hot summer is passing now, climate and energy crises are hot challenges faced to us these days and solving them will be our task. R&D for transportation electrification is one of the solutions and it is very wide and diverse. This issue is addressing these issues through mass transit and related technologies.

The TEC Newsletter is one of the possible ways to share up-to-date information and it covers all transportation electrification technologies including Terrestrial (land-based), Nautical (Ocean, lakes, and bodies of water), Aeronautical (Air and Space), and Commercial-Manufacturing.   In some issues, we will include regional news, and new to the TEC Newsletter is the education column provided by Jose Ortiz Gonzalez.  We hope you enjoy this new offering.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, we would like to thank our contributors for their efforts and hope our readers continue to find useful and interesting information in this newsletter. And all our readers are invited to submit their recent research and works to the Newsletter. We would be delighted to introduce your original articles.  For any queries and/or suggestions, please reach out to the IEEE TEC’s “expert” Project Manager, Alicia Tomaszewski ( Alicia almost always responds promptly to your queries.

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Jin-Woo Ahn and Sheldon Williamson
Co-Editors-in-Chief, IEEE TEC Newsletter

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