Welcome to the IEEE Transportation Electrification Community! 

Our mission is to coordinate all things transportation within IEEE.  Honestly, our task gets bigger every day with applications that would have been thought of as “futuristic” if not downright crazy just a few year ago, from autonomous cars to fully electric airplanes. 


On this website and throughout our offerings, you will find feature articles, podcasts, as well as links to tutorials and webinars on all aspects of transportation electrification from the world foremost experts (on the “Education” page of this website).  Our Newsletter offers short and insightful technical articles on the state-of-the-art.  TEC members also have access the Electrification Magazine, a monthly technical magazine covering advances in aircraft, automobile, ships and other subjects.  TEC membership is free if you are already a member of a number of IEEE societies and groups (AESS, IAS, IES, ITSS, PELS, PES, RS and SA), only $10 otherwise.

Since the beginning of this year of course, our minds are focused on the global pandemic.  First, our thoughts and prayers go to those of you who are personally affected by this situation, yourself or your family.  As engineers, few of us can provide direct help, and we definitely thanks the medical profession for all their sacrifices for the community.  Nonetheless, we can be comforted by the thought that so many tools used in the front line, respirators and others, were designed by engineers.

For those of you confined to work from home, or going to emptier-than-usual offices, this may be a great time to brush up on the newest technology developments.  The first place to go to would be TEC’s Education webpage (tec.ieee.org/education) where you can see the list of upcoming webinars as well as our archived events, on topics ranging from linear machines for transportation to Silicon Carbide, cybersecurity or wireless charging, to list just a few.  The page also lists various tutorials with in depth treatise of such important topics as fuel cells, batteries, electric machines, wireless power transfer, etc.  These easy to access units are a great way to get introduced to many of these hot topics in the field.

Concerning conferences, preparations are underway for various events, mostly in 2021, such as ITEC-ESARS in Venice, Italy (likely in June), ITEC North America (in Chicago, USA, also in June), or the EATS conference focusing on aviation electrification.  These events are currently planning to be a hybrid of in-person for those who can travel and remote for those who can’t, or prefer not to.  This format is very flexible and provides for great opportunities for exchange across the globe.  

An extended version of our Newsletter is planned for January with a special focus on heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses.  We look forward to seeing news on this new frontier.

A number of Transactions are also available, such as the Transactions on Transportation Electrification and the Transactions from our various society sponsors.

It has never been a better time to be involved with transportation electrification, and we are proud to help organize and disseminate cutting edge information on the subject.  And, while doing so, stay safe and healthy!

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