Stefan Östlund

Stefan ÖstlundStefan Östlund is professor of Electric Power Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been Dean at the School of Electrical Engineering since 2009. His primary research interests are electrical machines and power electronics with an emphasis on propulsion and power supplies for electric railway traction.

For fifteen years he was the Director of the KTH Railway Group, a multi-disciplinary rail research center at KTH supported by the Swedish rail industry and train companies.

Since 2011 he has acted as Faculty Liaison for the KTH-University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign program for Educational and Research Exchange (INSPIRE). Dr. Östlund is a Senior Member of IEEE and a board member of the Swedish Association of Rail Industries.

Title:  Electric Railway Traction – A key part of future transportation systems

Electric Railway Traction has experienced a renaissance; largely due to environmental concerns but also since it is a vital part of future high-capacity passenger services. Today existing railway systems world-wide are rapidly extended with new high-speed links but also many new or upgraded lines are planned where rail services previously have not been considered attractive.

After a brief historical overview, giving the background to different electric railway systems, focus is transferred to modern traction systems, their design and future. Both rail power supplies and propulsion systems will be covered.