Rajendra Singh

Rajendra Singh is D. Houser Banks professor in the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Automotive Engineering at Clemson University (CU). He is also the Director of Center for Nanoelectronics at CU. He left India in 1973 and during the energy crisis of 1973 decided to do   Ph.D. dissertation   in the area of Silicon Solar Cells. In the last 43 years, he has contributed and witnessed the growth of photovoltaic industry. With proven success in operations, project/program leadership, R&D, product/process commercialization, and start-ups, Dr. Singh is a leading technologist with the focused goal of electrification of   the transportation sector. He is fellow of IEEE, SPIE, ASM and AAAS. Dr. Singh has received a number of international awards. In 2014, he was honored by US President Barack Obama as a White House “Champion of Change for Solar Deployment” for his leadership in advancing solar energy with photovoltaics technology.