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Is the Electrical Distribution Ready for a Revolution?

Webinar - Online
Alicia Tomaszewski – tec@ieee.org
Pablo Arboleya

Abstract: Low voltage electrical distribution systems are suffering these days a change of paradigm, we started introducing the term microgrid 20 years ago and this was the starting point for a major change. In the new distribution systems, all agents can take active roles in the network and it is possible the interactions between different levels of the whole power system by means of the so-called Aggregators.  

In order to implement these solutions that allow high levels of penetration of flexible technologies as electric vehicles, energy storage, heat pumps, … the grid should be ready to be monitor and operated in real-time and incorporate transactive energy tools enabling the active participation of all agents or devices. The role of the aggregator will be in charge of this coordination between agents allowing the coordination between different power system agents and levels (transmission, distribution, market …). 

In this webinar we will review the current situation of the network, describing the difficulties and barriers that exist for the implementation of this disruptive concept and motivating its necessity. We will look in-depth at existing catalysts that will make the development of this paradigm critical in the short term and the enabling technologies that will make it viable.

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