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Modeling Power Electronics for Electric Powertrain Applications

Webinar - Online
Alicia Tomaszewski – tec@ieee.org
Sabin Carpiuc

Abstract: The need to minimize the environmental impact of the transportation sector has fueled the electrification trend. A key factor that enables electrification is the development of power electronics and embedded systems. However, with progress comes challenges that need to be addressed by the research and development community in a very short timeframe. These challenges include optimizing the performance indices such as power density, costs, losses, and failure rate. Understanding the system and translating it into mathematical models with different levels of fidelity that suits a particular problem is critical. This will speed up the development cycle. Moreover, a good model can be easily reused in follow-up projects.

The goal of this presentation is to show how the modeling of power electronics components with a variety of different levels of fidelity can help solve these challenges. The talk will cover case studies going from simple system-level models that run fast in simulation and are suitable for real-time evaluation to detailed models used for device analysis.

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